A question that is often asked is why the name Monarque because indead, it is not my family name.
It took me a while to find one, and like always,
I often have doubts and then think about changing the name...
'Monarque" is a butterfly but not just "a" butterfly, read about their migration from Canada to Mexico
and you'll understand they represent more then fragility and freedom,
they show strength, obstination, instinct, stamina, drive...

So yes, I think the Monarque represents me pretty well...

Though we're not on the video page, here's a little peak of a concert where I met a great pianist
so I asked him to improvise on one of my songs


This is also the place where I'd like to share the other side of the scene, my musical experiences bad and good,
seen from the belgian unknown artist I am, doing it all by myself. The hopes, the disapointments, the hard work to get only a few gigs,
the long waiting for a few answers to emails sent promoting... I will try to share all that as faithfully as possible on this page.

I know, I know, lot's of events are missing since December 2012, I working on updating this site, be patient please ;o)




20December2012, NEW START:I know, I know... It has been a while again... The thing is a lot of things can happen in 6 months time ;o)
The band no longer exists, so I had two choices, cry and pity myself (which I did...) or see it as a sign from destiny, which I did at last ;o)
So after many, many tears, I gathered my strenghts again (sometimes I think I should call myself Phoenix instead of Monarque...) and decided to take it all over again from the start.
Well not really from the start since I've learned so much and now have a good set of songs, but more like back to the roots, which is me and my guitar. ;o)
That's what I thought untill I saw that someone on stage and thought, waouw the 2 of us could do some great magic... So let's wait and see but it looks like a really unexpected duet is coming up
... 4